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Department of Wisconsin Ladies Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

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Welcome to the WI Department Ladies Auxiliary to VFW!
Ladies Auxiliary VFW was founded in 1914 to help veterans and their families. The organization has achieved its own unique identity while working side by side with the veterans who belong to the VFW. We are here to assist our veterans and be active in the communities where we live and work.
The Department of Wisconsin was founded July 30, 1925.
For anyone visiting our web site, by chance or by choice, we invite you to continue browsing and hope that you will become acquainted wiht the many facets of our organization and what we offer.
The purpose of the website is to provide information and to educate members and non-members of
who we are and what we do.

 Department Officers


Theme: "Flying High For Veterans"

President: Judy Borg 

Sr. VP: Karen Johnson

Treasurer: Lenore Otto  

Secretary: Jackie Gregory   



Jr. VP: Helen Stearns   

Chaplain:Ann Wirth      

Conductress: Mary Brown    

Guard:  Linda  Schluter    

Chief of Staff: Karen Delis   










Front Row:  (L to R) Jackie Gregory, Karen Johnson, Judy Borg, Helen Stearns, Lenore Otto

Back Rom:  (L to R)  Mary Brown, Linda Schluter, Karen Delis, Ann Wirth 






Benefits to Membership!


Travel    Insurance Plans    Cancer Grants    Personal Health    Additional Benefits   Home Shopping  

Credit Card    Free Rx Card



Official Blouse order form 


Department Council

 of Administration

July 10 - 11, 2015


The Mead

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


July Council Schedule


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General Orders_


Program Chair information  




Treasurer Forms   





Patriot Art Contest-2014

Buddy Poppy Contest-State Convention-2014


Official Blouse Order Form